Thursday 26th of April 2018
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As-Built BIM as a Tool for Urban Renewal

This issue and this month’s webinar focus on the use of as-built BIMs in complex urban renewal projects where existing conditions must be accurately documented for design and construction management.  First is an interesting parking garage project in San Juan, PR that required more than 350 scans. Next you'll read about a complex multi-use redevelopment project at a former Coca-Cola bottling plant in Los Angeles. You can learn more about both these projects on our webinar this week, Wednesday 7/22 at 1pm EDT titled: As-Built BIM and Urban Renewal--Case Studies in Mixed-Use Redevelopment. Click here for more information. --Kevin Corbley, Editor

Sustech Saves 66% Using EdgeWise to Extract Walls, Beams and Pipes in San Juan As-Built BIM of a Redeveloped Parking Garage PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kevin Corbley   
Monday, 20 July 2015 13:59

Sustech LLC reduced its overall modeling time two thirds on a large parking garage development project by using the EdgeWise 5.0 to automatically extract the architectural, structural and MEP features. The company delivered a single BIM containing all of the features needed by the architecture firm to design multiple new construction projects around the existing garage.

Based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Sustech specializes in 3D scanning and BIM for the construction industry. Its client base spans the Caribbean as well as Panama and the United States. Sustech delivers BIM and other 3D products for every phase of construction.

BIM Used for Entire Design/Construction Coordination

“For the parking garage project in San Juan, we were hired by the owner – the largest bank in Puerto Rico – to serve as the construction project management consulting firm,” said Sustech President Angel Vazquez. “BIM

would be used to coordinate the entire design and construction.” Adjacent to a towering bank building, the garage includes four levels – basement, ground floor, mezzanine, and plaza.


Plans were in the works to make major changes to the upper plaza where the bank wanted a green space, complete with water ponds, outdoor recreation space and eating areas, created for its employees and patrons of nearby restaurants. A new restaurant was planned for the ground floor area next to the garage. “Design plans called for installing water cisterns in the basement with pipes run up to the plaza level to feed the ponds,” said Vazquez. “The BIM would be used, among other things, to detect clashes when the piping system was designed.”

EdgeWise Interoperability with Revit Delivers Major Time Savings

The Sustech team captured a total of 350 scans inside and on top of the garage as well as in two streets on either side of the structure. They used FARO Focus 3D X-330 and X-130 laser scanners. Sustech began using the EdgeWise software about six months prior to this project. The software, which contains architectural, structural and MEP modeling tools, was fully integrated into the firm’s extraction and modeling workflow. Previously, manual extraction had been performed in Revit. “A major benefit of [EdgeWise] is its interoperability with other software,” said Vazquez. “It easily integrated with Revit and Recap in our workflow.”

Two Sustech technicians spent about a week processing and modeling each floor of the garage. They used each EdgeWise module individually to extract architectural, structural and MEP features. The architectural features included the concrete floors, walls and ceilings. Exposed steel beams composed most of the structure. And a few pipes and electrical conduits ran through and between the floors in the garage. “The automated extraction cut modeling time by 60 to 70 percent,” said Vazquez, adding that the accuracy of the feature identification was excellent.

Walls, Non-Standard Pipes Shown in As-Built Position

The technicians were impressed with how accurately walls were captured and modeled by the EdgeWise software even when they weren’t at perfect right angles. Non-standard pipes and concrete features were presented in their actual as-built positions. Sustech integrated all of the models into a single BIM for delivery to the design team. However, the firm also used Revit to generate a series of 2D as-built drawings of MEP, structure and architecture as official records of the garage’s design before the new construction begins. Angel Vazquez will be presenting more details of this case study on a webinar this Wednesday, 7/22 at 1pm EDT. Click here to register:

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